Shortlisted work for the Surreal issue

We’ve read, we’ve tallied, we’ve whittled down to a shortlist and, following the submissions deadline two weeks ago, faced quite a tough challenge to select the pieces for publication from about five percent of entries. We’ve now notified the writers whose work will appear in the Surreal issue, the top stories and poems from more than 400 submissions.

However, there were a few that very nearly made the cut, and we want to acknowledge those shortlisted writers here for their variously imaginative, strange, diverting, innovative and stirring work. Many thanks to all who submitted and get your orders in now to snag a copy of Issue #3 in January!


Chelsey Harris, “Remembering Nate” and “My Brother Gets Interviewed About His Murdered Friend”

Tania Hershman, “Me and Elvis Do Dartmoor”

Tom McColl, “Commas Kill”

Abegail Morley, “Dressing for the Moment” and “Seamless”


Alex Eastlake, “Broken Dreams”

Jessica Goodard, “Willie’s Body”

Tom Howard, “Last Train to Oblivion”

Claire Lawrence, “Last Flight of the Vespa Mandarinia Japonica”

Isabel Miles, “Badgered”

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