Competition Winners


2021 Poetry Competition Winner: “Status Update” by Dominic Baur

2021 Poetry Competition Runner-up: “Great Aunt Audrey” by Isabella Mead


2021 Short Story Competition Winner: “Honey” by Lucy Thompson

2021 Short Story Competition Runner-up: “Daddy Longlegs” by Lisa Blackwell


2020 Poetry Competition Winner: “The Case Against Pockets for Women” by Jo Gatford

2020 Poetry Competition Runner-up: “I know you sent him to boarding school” by Emma Wood


2020 Short Story Competition Winner: “Corpse Flower” by Rachel Clements

2020 Short Story Competition Runner-up: “The Price of Haman” by Albert McFarland


2019 Poetry Competition Winner: “Duct tape, milk, shilling, towels” by Katy Darby

2019 Poetry Competition Runner-up: “Strix aluco” by Nikki Robson


2019 Short Story Competition Winner: “Another Country” by Jenny Booth

2019 Short Story Competition Runner-up: “Lucky Buddha” by Rajasree Variyar


2018 Poetry Competition Joint Winner: “The Butterfly and the Stone” by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough

2018 Poetry Competition Joint Winner: “A Divorcee Talks Through Block Universe Theory” by Rowena Cooper

2018 Poetry Competition Runner-Up: “African Night” by Isabella Mead


2018 Short Story Competition Winner: “Poetic Justice” by Sophie Revell

2018 Short Story Competition Runner-up: “A&E” by James Beaumont


2017 Poetry Competition Winner: “Ex Libris” by Kay Sidebottom

2017 Poetry Competition Runner-Up: “Ode to a POTUS” by Robert Kibble


2017 Short Story Competition Winner: “Baby’s Day Out” by Emma Parfitt

2017 Short Story Competition Runner-Up: “The White Cat” by Jim Brannin


2016 Poetry Competition Winner: “The Long Arm” by Miriam Celeste Ramos

2016 Poetry Competition Runner-Up: “B&Q Blues” by Stephen Williams


2016 Short Story Competition Winner: “Examination for Empathy, Sympathy, Emotion (ESE) 004” by Ka Bradley

2016 Short Story Competition Runner-Up: “The Collector” by Laura Lamb